Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mini skirt - Sewing Project

Hell Bunny Demise Top - available on eBay
Los Muertos mini skirt - sewn by me
ZU gladiator sandals

You probably noticed that I like skirts and the great thing about sewing my own skirts is that I can make them whatever length I want. Most of the skirts in store are too short for my liking (I'm obviously not talking about maxi skirts which I don't wear at all) and if you take the smallest size available they are usually even shorter. So I tend to make my skirts just above the knee. This skirt is a mini because I sewed it from leftover material I had left from the circle skirt. I love the Los Muertos print and it's just the right thickness for me. 

Since I'm still learning how to sew, I prefer to try something new in every project I do. This time I was experimenting with pleats. I saw a few YouTube videos about how to sew different pleats and even found this tutorial for a box pleat skirt and really wanted to give it a go. The thing is that I don't really like pleats in my clothes as they can be a pain to iron and I just didn't seem to have the patience to do them this time. Then I remembered another tutorial I saw for a full skirt. As far as I'm concerned these are cheat pleats. They are so much easier to do and I prefer this look to real pleats.

This mini skirt has hidden pockets (see hidden pockets tutorial) and an invisible zipper. This time I used the proper Husqvarna Viking clear invisible zipper foot and it was so easy to sew on! I definitely recommend investing in an invisible foot to fit your sewing machine. I also put a waist band instead of an elastic and this time strengthened the waistband material with fusible interfacing. You simply iron the interfacing onto the material and it gives it more structure. I made the waistband of the Skull Skirt without interfacing and I can definitely tell the difference. 

I also experimented with anorak snaps. I didn't want the zipper to go through the thick material of the waistband and decided to use a couple of anorak snaps only on the waistband. I have a skirt that has that combination of zipper and anorak snaps and I really like it for both comfort and looks. I bought Dritz mini anorak snaps together with a set of special tools and it was an absolute nightmare to use! Stay away if you can. It took me forever to work out how to use the tools and then they just didn't work properly! I went through 8 out of 10 of the snaps in order to put 2 on, not to mention that it made a huge hole in the fabric and I ended up using some of my hubbies tools in order to place the second snap in place. Don't waist your money on this stuff. Next time I might try a different brand and if it doesn't work I'll just use buttons. 

Happy sewing!

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