Monday, 11 June 2012

Circle Skirt - Sewing Project

Top - Emily the Strange
Los Muertos skirt - sewn by me
Shoes - Dr Martens Rochelle
Belt - CUE 

Today I want to share with you another sewing project I did. This is the second skirt I sewed and although it wasn't as easy as the cherry skirt, I managed it alright and will definitely recommend this project for beginners to try. I learn a lot from it.

I wanted a circle skirt for a while but couldn't find anything I really liked in store or online (well, I did, just not for a price I was willing to pay) so it was time to sew one for myself! I chose a 100% cotton Los Muertos print. As you probably noticed I prefer cotton. I like how this print takes this circle skirt, which is very pin up and fun, to a darker place and balances it.

This circle skirt tutorial is from Dana's MADE blog. There are some other tutorial online but I found this one the most clear and useful and the photos really help understand what you need to do next. I made the mistake of trying to combine this tutorial with another one I found online and it resulted in the "hole" being way too big and I needed hubby's help to sew on the elastic. So learn from my mistake and just follow this tutorial.

I couldn't find a 60 inch wide material so I couldn't just make a hole in the middle and sew an elastic on. I used a 44 inch wide material and made 2 half circles which I sewed together to make a circle. Dana has a note on that in the tutorial so don't stress if you can't find a wide enough fabric for the whole pattern.

Happy sewing!

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