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Alternative Items I own

Ok, so I finally got to finish this post! Sorry it took forever!

Following on the previous two posts on the topic of alternative fashion, this time I want to share with you some of the alternative items I own and some of the brands I like.

If you are even slightly interested in any kind of alternative fashion, read this post about incorporating alternative items into your outfit and this post about where to find alternative clothes, shoes and accessories

I like many alternative brand and their items but unfortunately I can't buy many of them because their smallest size if still too large. If you're buying something online, always check the measurements! Another thing to check before buying is the material. I personally prefer a high percentage of cotton but for dresses it usually means ironing. So basically know what you buy.

Hell Bunny
Hell Bunny is a brand which doesn't have its own stores but can be easily found on eBay and in many alternative clothing stores. They have pinup dresses in mini and knee-length but also sell skirts and tops.

I think their dresses are great for summer but if the pinup style is too much for your everyday look, some of Hell Bunny dresses are fantastic as an evening dress and will no doubt stand out for all the right reasons.

Recent collections can be viewed on their Facebook page.

Where to buy: I got all my Hell Bunny items from eBay. Just find the design you like and then search the specific item name to find the best deal.

I own 3 Hell Bunny pieces: Sweetheart dress, Demise top and Mrs Johnson skirt (which I had to tailor). The Sweetheart dress was an absolute winner at the Christmas party I wore it too.

Me in Sweetheart dress
Demise top & Mrs Johnson Corset Skirt on model

Dr Martens
Dr Martens is my favourite shoe brand. I own 3 pairs flat boots in black brown and maroon, 1 pair of heel boots, 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of heel sandals. And yes, there are still a few pairs on my wish list.

I keep hearing people complain that you have to break in new pairs of Dr Martens boots and that they are really uncomfortable to start with. I never had this problem and my trick is to buy one size up. I wear a size 6/37 in Dr Martens shoes but get 7/38 for flat boots. If you are thinking of buying Dr Martens boots, definitely try your size and one size up and see what works best. Their sizes are consistent so once you know your size, it's easy to buy online.
Dr Martens Regina from the Diva Collection. Have them, love them!
Would love the ones on the left but they are so not practical for me. Have similar  to the ones on the right but in black, would love this purple pair.
Where to buy: Dr Martens are quite easy to find so you can get them almost anywhere online and in a fair few physical stores too. I got 2 pairs from Weekend in Israel (very poor range but if you find a special on something you like, they are a bargain), 2 pairs from eBay, 1 pair from Amazon and 1 very expensive pair from Redpath in Canberra.

Iron Fist
Iron First have shoes, bags and clothing for women and only clothing for men and kids. I recently purchased two Iron Fist t-shirts and very happy with them. They are cotton and good quality. Both are from previous collections as I am very disappointed with their current one.  

Iron Fist shoes are usually pretty cool with a good variety but I have to admit that they are not for everyone and they are not for me either. Most of them have very high heels and the designs are very bold but if you can walk on high heels and tend to go out a lot, you should have at least one pair of Iron Fist heels. 

I was going to order a few of their bags but read consistently negative reviews about the quality of the bags and decided to look elsewhere.

Where to buy: Iron Fist have an online store. Unfortunately they don't ship to Australia because there is a version of the website with usually much higher prices. Of course you can find Iron Fist on eBay. I ordered my tops from excessapparel on eBay and was very happy.  

Shimmer Wishbone tee. Looks awesome with jeans.

Fake It white tee. Also comes in pink.

T.U.K shoes
Shoes are a great way to spice up an outfit and what I really like about T.U.K is the variety in both designs and heels. They have high heels, low heels, flats, mary janes, platforms, sneakers and boots so there is a fun shoe to suite almost anyone. I prefer the low heel shoes because they are fun but still possible to walk on and they are great for both office and casual outfits.

Where to buy: I got both my pairs from They have very competitive prices on T.U.K shoes and a good variety too. In Canberra Redpath have a good range but high prices.

When ordering T.U.K shoes online keep in mind that they run on the small side, at least the heels. So if you can try them in store to find your T.U.K size or make sure that you can exchange them for a different size at a reasonable shipping rate. I would recommend ordering one size up.

I have two pairs of T.U.K shoes: Horseshoe heel and Heart Bow peep toe.

I have both

not all T.U.Ks are heels... I wouldn't mind these two pairs

I think these are all of my alternative items from alternative brands. I enjoy shopping online for this kind of items but regular shops are always worth checking for cool stuff. You never know what you might find. Also remember that you can combine "normal" clothes with alternative accessories.

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