Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cherry Skirt - Sawing for Beginners

So, I got into sewing and this skirt was my first sewing project, unless you include some alterations I did beforehand. It is very easy to sew and is perfect for a beginner. The fabric and print you choose is definitely what makes this skirt into a unique piece. You can make it trendy or alternative looking and anything in between. I chose a 100% cotton fabric with dot and cherry print. I like how the cherries give this skirt a fun pin up touch but the pattern is simple and balances the print.

The tutorial for this skirt is by Brett Bara and is very clear and easy to follow. The video and the written tutorials are for the same skirt and you can use either or both. I used both. It is also very easy to change the length of the skirt. I made mine one inch longer than the tutorial suggested length.
Sew a Skirt in One Hour tutorial
Video tutorial

If it's not your first sewing project, try adding pockets. There are many tutorials online but I found the one from Angela Osborn to be the most clear and easy to follow. She also has a pocket pattern which you can print on an A4 or letter size paper.

Happy sewing!

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