Sunday, 1 April 2012

Red Lobster - restaurant review

Address: We went to the one in Southlands. Visit their website for more locations.

My rating:  

Service 5/5
Food 5/5
Value for money 5/5

Service: The service was fantastic. Our waiter was professional and made us feel comfortable throughout the meals.

Food: I had a special meal of Grilled Maine Lobster & Shrimp which was absolutely amazing! The shrimp were the best I’ve ever had and the lobster was delicious. They come with potatoes of your choice, rice, a lemon wedge and melted butter. I didn't have room for rice and didn't use the butter but the shrimp and the lobster were seasoned so I didn't think that you need the butter.

Grilled Maine Lobster & Shrimp, promotion picture from website

I was glad we didn't order any appetisers because while waiting for the main they kept us occupied with some bread and salad. Firstly we had some garlic bread patties, which I wasn't impressed with but making bread isn't Americans’ strong side and it was free anyway. Then we could choose the kind of salad we wanted, which also arrived before the main and wasn't too bad but wasn't what an Aussie or an Israeli would expect a salad to be. I don't take starts off though because it was free and I think it's a nice gesture to bring nibbles while you're waiting for the main. 

Value for money: The special of Grilled Maine Lobster & Shrimp cost us $20.99 which is an amazing value, even without all the appetisers they provide. 

Am I coming back? Yes, I can’t wait to go back!

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