Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Alternative fashion

From Auxiliary Magazine

As you probably already know I like alternative fashion. I like to incorporate it in my outfits and I like seen in on other people. And by alternative I mean anything that isn't main stream. Main stream fashion seems to lack individuality and I'm not talking about the unattainable brands that go crazy with designs but the stuff most of us buy and wear. When shops sell the same style items and everyone buys at those same shops, everyone looks just the same. But we are not the same! We have different personalities, different body shapes and different likes and dislikes. For me alternative clothing is about individuality and personal style. It's about being me.

We tend to behave in a way that will make us likable by others and will help us fit in, both on a personal level but also into the society. After leaving in a few countries I can definitely say that there are huge cultural difference that translate into every aspect of life, including fashion. Just google "japanese street fashion" to see how different it is from the Western fashion norms. Some societies are more open than others when in comes to personal style but the bottom line is that there are always restrains. There are restrains in terms of the prejudice that the society has and the norms that exist. Wearing just the same like everyone else seems the easiest solution to fit in and integrate into the society, no surprise that it is so common.

I believe that you don't have to follow trends and wear just what everyone else wears in order to fit in. There is always room for self expression. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Combine alternative clothing with main stream clothing. Combinations like these create a balanced look so you fit in just fine but express your individuality at the same time.     
  • Alternative shoes can be worn with classical or main stream clothes, so you follow the "dress code" but spice it up. People seem to be more tolerant towards shoes. I guess because firstly, there are so many crazy shoe trends out there anyway and secondly, shoes are at the bottom of your body so they are easier to ignore. 
  • Accessories like jewelry, scarfs, belts... Just like shoes, accessories are a great way to express yourself but still fit in. They are small but not invisible so they do the trick perfectly. Also, alternative accessories seem to slowly integrate into the main stream fashion and aren't viewed as the inheritance of the "freaks" anymore.  

In the next few posts I'm going to write about how you can discover alternative brands that you might like and I will share some of the brands that I like and where you can find them.  

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