Friday, 13 April 2012

Photos of the house

Thanks everyone who asked for photos of the house! I tidied up the house this week really well so it was time to take some photos for you.

It took me a while to choose and buy a vacuum cleaner. I really wanted a Dyson but they are way too expensive to buy for only 3 years. Also, no one lived in this house for like 6 months before we moved in so you can only imagine how quickly and how dusty everything got! But all good now, got a bagless Eureka, vacuumed and dusted. The house is nice and tidy and feels lovely.

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, all the furniture is rented and I didn't really see it until it arrived but I am very pleased with everything! The quality is great and the designs and colours are even better than I expected.

Below are the images of the house; those with furniture were taken by me while the empty house ones are the promotion photos they advertised the rental with. I'll mention which photos aren't mine.

Front of the house, promotion photo
Entrance & dining room, promotion photo
Dining room, promotion photo
Dining room with furniture
Some plants by the window at the dining room
Living room, furnished.
Kitchen, promotion photo
Family room on the second floor
Master bedroom
Master bedroom, different angel
Bathroom, promotion picture.
It is totally awesome with 2 sinks, Jacuzzi, shower  and a separate toilet.
One of the spare bedrooms. The other one has very similar furniture.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


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