Friday, 17 February 2012

Hello Denver!

view from the apartment balcony

I'm finally in Denver! Got here yesterday afternoon, went to bed at 9pm and slept till 9am, which didn't stop me from being tired all day. So if any of the sentences don't make sense, I have an excuse - I'm jet legged.

I had the best long flight ever. It started at the Qantas Business Lounge in Canberra with comfy seats, free breakfast and free wifi, continued at Business Lounge in Sydney (even better than the one in Canberra) and topped with the flight from Sydney to LA in business class on an Airbus a380. There is so much room and the food is actually good, not just bearable. I could do it again...

The domestic flight with American Airlines was average and their definition of First Class is Qantas' economy. Their definition of a sandwich is also quite fascinating (in a very disturbing way)... shame I didn't take a photo. Oh well, at least there was personal entertainment in the form of a flight attendant who sounded like a 12 year old girl and spoke to us like we were in kinder garden... "Make sure your cellular phones are on the off mode. Not silent, not flight mode. Off. O-F-F." 

At Denver airport I was distressed to see "Tornado Shelter" signs. I am more scared of tornadoes than of spiders and that tells you something, doesn't it? 

When we finally arrived at the apartment where we are going to stay for the next month. This place is nice and cozy although we got the third and last floor which isn't highly appreciated by the dogs or the hubby who had to take the heavy suitcases up the stairs. 

Today my lovely dogs arrived and I spent the whole day in the apartment giving them attention. So as you can see I haven't seen much of Denver but here are a few things I saw so far. Snow and rabbits. I'm not quite sure when it last snowed here but there is still a fair but of snow on the ground. The dogs don't like it and try to find snow-free-grass to do their business. It's gonna be a struggle when the snow covers everything... There are also a fair few rabbits around and they don't seem to be scared of people. I heard that there are many prairie dogs in Denver (which I haven't seen yet) but didn't expect to find any rabbits. Not that I'm complaining, rabbits are really cute too.

That's all from me for today.

Irena :-) 

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