Monday, 20 February 2012

First snow in Denver (for us anyway)

Woke up this morning to some fresh snow! It was clean, nice and soft. So once I managed to drag myself out of bed, we took the boys for a walk and I took the camera, of course. At first they weren't very keen on the snow but when they realised they had no choice but go on it to do their business, they got to like it. So we took them to the back of the apartment blocks, where there is lots of space, and they got to run around, chase each other and have fun! By the afternoon all the fresh snow melted so it was good we got to enjoy it in the morning.

Chaos the fawn big boy & Nyx the black & tan puppy

Sniffing around...

One of those chase games...

Have a great week!


  1. gorgeous; snow, puppies and owner alike. And since I didnt get a chance to congratulate you yet- CONGRATS! Enjoy Denver. <3