Sunday, 26 February 2012

The big face plant

So lets see what happened this week...

On Thursday it snowed again, this time heaps more than the last time and it kept snowing during the day. It was one of hubby's first days at work and he was rather puzzled as to how he was meant to drive to work and whether he should drive at all our 2 wheel drive hire Chrysler. Luckily the snow wasn't too deep and it worked out all right in the end.

In the afternoon we took the dogs to have some fun in the snow and it was funny watching them. Some of the time they were hopping like rabbits in the deep (for them) snow and Nyx face planted a few time. I even have the photographic evidence. You can also see that it was still snowing.

When we got home we had to give them a warm bath as they had ice/snow balls on their fur, mainly tummy and back legs. They quite enjoy the baths so no issues there.

Click on the image for the GIF to play

This week we also kept looking for houses and cars. It is rather time consuming. Yesterday we finally bought a car, or a mini-tank, as I call. It's a 2002 Chevy Blazer. The buying process was easy and very similar to buying a car in Australia. Unfortunately the process required after buying a car is much more complex and tiresome, at least according to every Aussie who lived here. The waiting lines and the bureaucracy apparently caused even some tough men to burst into tears. So yeah, I'm not looking forward to it and need to make sure I bring enough water and snacks for the day, and download a new book to the Kindle, before we head to sort it all out. 

The house hunting is going OK, though with a few hiccups along the way. We applied for a couple of houses, the first really large and nice one in Aurora and the second one is small but amazingly well designed in Denver. I like both although they are really different and will be happy to live in either of these two. The one in Aurora is pretty much the house of my dreams with maybe one bedroom too many. The one closer to down town Denver is at a better location and as I said, really well designed. The problem is that the agents for the second house are stupid bureaucrats doing everything except working in the interest of their client and since we are bloody foreigners with no social security numbers, no rent history and no pay slips from the states, our chances of getting it are slim. Not to mention that although we offered to pay a few hundred dollars more than the advertised price each month, they check the application on a first in first served basis. Oh well, at least these are not our agents, renting our house and missing such an opportunity. Also, to be fair, we didn't have issues with any of the other agents in the houses we saw.

On a different note, I was a bit worried about the food in the States but it has been good so far. We went to Sprouts for vegies and organic meat and it was great! All tastes good and lasts long in the fridge. My restaurant and take away experiences were also positive with dinner at Red Lobster topping it. My only real negative experience so far (aside from the terrible food on the internal flight) was the bread. It was meant to be Italian bread from the supermarket bakery and it was a fail! Today we got some different bread from a different bakery. Fingers crossed.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Wow... It all seems to be coming together for you Irena :o). New car... new home... All seems to be going well. Love the pics of the dogs in the snow... very cute! Have you found all the helpings you get for take-waways huge? They were when I went to the US. Loved it! All is going well here but I don't think Pete is very happy at the moment. Don't think things are going the way he wants them to in features. The "new Irena" seems to be going ok and seems to be a really nice person. Hope all keeps going well for you and your hubbt over there. Keep keeping us informed. Cherrs from Oz. Gray:o)

    1. Thanks Gray! Yeah, things are slowly working out. Can't wait till we sign the house contract and can move to a more permanent place.

      The servings weren't too big but in a way they were more generous than what you get in Australia. So not like it was too big here but more like they can be a bit stingy in Aus. But then I'm sure one day I'll get a huge serving and will be like :-O

      Pete had issues with the management when I was there so I'm not surprised he's not happy. He should either change his attitude or find a job that suites him better, otherwise he just won't be happy there.

      Say Hi from me to everyone by the way :-)

  2. וואו, זה פשוט מזג אוויר חלומי שם. זה מתעלה אפילו מעל הלחם הממש לא טעים (שאפשר לאפות בבית :)).

    1. כן, זה מאוד מיוחד ושונה מכל מקום אחר בו גרתי. רוסיה לא נחשב כי אני לא זוכרת את השלג שם :-P