Sunday, 23 September 2012

Back from Alaska!

I got back from the Alaska trip yesterday and couldn't help but updating you guys with a few spoilers. The trip was amazing! I went zip lining and horse riding; saw bears, whales (got an amazing shot!) and a bold eagle and saw and photographed the aurora! It was totally amazing and different to any other place I've been to before. I actually started the trip in Vancouver, BC, spending there 2 half days and enjoyed it a lot as well.   

I had a glance at the hundreds of photos I took and there are some good ones, which I'm very pleased about. Before going on the trip I bought some camera gear and now looking at the photos on the computer I think it was totally worth it.

Since all of the photos from my DSLR are in RAW format and need processing, I'll give you a bit of a spoiler with photos I took on my compact camera. I don't know if the camera is really shit or I'm just used to DSLR quality but yeah, sorry for the lame quality and enjoy anyway!

Ketchikan was the first post we visited on the cruise ship and this is where hubby and I went zipping.  This was the first and the shortest (I think...) zip line. 
There were also suspension bridges in addition to the zip lines. 
Skagway. I really liked the interesting buildings in town.
Went horse riding in a rain forest near Skegway.

Hope to update soon :-)


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