Saturday, 3 November 2012

I love Halloween!

I carved the one on the right and hubby the one on the left

For those that don't know, Halloween was celebrated on October 31 and it is my favourite holiday here in the USA! Actually, I don't know if it can be called a holiday since you don't even get a day off, but hey, when do Americans get any holidays off work...? 

I heard that many parents are against Halloween because of it's pagan roots and whatever, and they wouldn't let their kids even hear of Halloween. I think that Halloween is just one big party for all the kids and now-a-days no one really cares where it came from. It's just a time of year when you do cool stuff like dress up, go trick-or-treating and eat lots of candy. I think that instead of ignoring a very popular celebration, parents should explain to their kids why they don't celebrate Halloween as a holiday, but still let their kids have fun and don't be left out.

In Israel we celebrated Purim, which is a Jewish holiday, and you dress up and give food presents to each other. Oh, and you eat Ozney Aman which are really tasty cookies with a filling. School usually organise activities for the students and everyone dresses up. Every year my school also had a best costume competition which was fun, even if you just watched! When I came to Australia I realised that Aussie kids don't really have a holiday when they can dress up and have fun which is kind of sad... I wonder if Halloween is gonna get popular in Australia.

Things I like about Halloween 

·        Spooky decorations 
·        Costumes 
·        Pumpkin carving 
·        Pumpkin seeds 
·        Fancy dress parties 
·        (Free) candy 
·        Pumpkin Chunkin and other fall festivals
·        Availability of cool items you can never find during the year
·        Haunted houses (I didn't have the chance to go this year)

I'm sure I forgot something but you get the idea. 
Pumpkin Chunkin
This one was the winner of the first round

Happy Halloween! 
I can't wait for next year!

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