Monday, 12 March 2012

Good things in Denver

There are some wonderful things in Denver and I don't want you to think that all is bad and annoying. My negative list had 7 points so I made sure to have 7 positive points at the list below.

Not in any particular order. 
  • Excellent service at restaurantsI've been to a few restaurants already and the service is fantastic. The waiters are both professional and outgoing, the food arrives quickly and while you’re waiting for the food they make sure they you have drinks or something to snack on. The food I had so far was also very good so it's obviously not only the waiters that are doing a good job. A good name of a restaurant is a combination of things and it's a shame that in Australia they usually forget about it. 
  • Denver is very dog friendly. Firstly, the majority of rental properties allow pets. This is totally different to Australia where people usually can't have pets unless they own their own house. Secondly, travelling with pets is quite easy as there is a range of hotels and service apartments that allow pets and pets are also allowed into parks and many other places. Again unlike Australia where the travelling options and destinations with pets are very limited. Thirdly, there are many dog day cares where you can leave the dog during work hours or when going on a holiday. These are only a few example.
  • Variety of products. There is a pretty good range of supermarket goods. I can go in and find something new to try or just find whatever I was looking for. In Australia I often found the supermarket experience irritating as I usually had to compromise on quality, flavour, size, you name it. I'm not saying that in the States there is everything in every supermarket, because this is definitely not true, but there is a much better range than in Australia.
  • Reasonable prices. The wages in the Sates are very low so I doubt that many middle class Americans find the prices low but they are definitely reasonable for Australians that come here for a holiday or live here still earning an Australian wage. In addition, there are many discounts, especially if you have a membership card, so it's easy to save.  
  • Easy to shop online. Firstly, every store has a website and a lot of websites offer online shopping. Secondly, shipping is either free or really ship. Thirdly, exchange and returns are very easy. The beauty is that because there is competition, if someone doesn't offer you free shipping or doesn't accept returns, you have the choice and just go elsewhere. Australian retailers only whinge and do nothing to adjust to the new market. 
  • My favourite products. I know, this is another point about consumerism, but I can't help it. We are all consuming goods and services and you're better off consuming them in the US. There are many products that I like here or more like products that I got to know and like in Israel and could never get in Australia. Best example are Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Cap'n Crunch peanut butter cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds (my healthier breakie option) and of course all the wonderful female hygiene products that somehow never made it to Australia (if you're new to the States and need recommendations, send me a message). Of course it is also heaps easier to buy alternative clothing and shoes as there are actual stores that sell them and many online stores too.
  • Nice people. This point is last because I think that it should be the default, especially with service providers. Unfortunately it's not always the case so I do want to mention it. Australians are really nice and are great when it comes to service so it's hard for the Americans to impress me, especially because of their bureaucracy that doesn't make them seem so nice. But the bottom line is that most Americans I came across were nice, unlike say Israel where many people are pushy and rude. So, Australians, don't expect to be impressed but Israelis - you sure will!

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